Competitor analysis

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The story of business firms

The company is preparing to launch new business activities and expand market, but the information that enterprise have in the industry as well as competitors are quite scattered and sensational, which makes the firm not confident to enter the market.

The problem of the business

Know your enemy” is the familiar maxim of all businessmen[NTL1] . However, the most problematic aspect for business firm is how to know its true position as well as its competitors in the marketplace, and to know the opportunities and threats that competitors create. The lack of necessary information about the industry and competitors can cause business firms to encounter many problems such as:

+ Identifying the wrong competitors

+ Implementing competitive strategies that does fit the business’s position in the marketplace

Our solution

Using a comprehensive competitive analysis model, we help businesses accurately identify competitors (direct, indirect, potential) as well as the strategies that each competitor might implement, which helps to build a suitable competitive strategy.

The package consists of 3 steps:

Step 1: Structure the market and examize competitors

VietAnalytics helps clients to evaluate the overall development of the industry as well as the strategies, objectives and capabilities of its direct, indirect and potential competitors.

Step 2: Compare competitive elements

We identify the key competitive elements of the competitor business[NTL2] , assess the competencies of client’s business in relation to competitors in the industry.

Step 3: Evaluate and develop the strategy

Based on the results of comparison between client’s enterprises and competitors, VietAnalytics re-evaluates the market entry plan and advises optimal market participant.

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 [NTL2]key elements of competitor business?????

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