Customer Satisfaction Measurement

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The story of the business firms

The cost to acquire a new customer is much more expensive than the cost to taking care the current customer. Therefore, businesses always focus on improving their product quality, as well as customer care service to retain customers.

The problem of the business firms

In order to efficiently and economically perform [NTL1] customer service, businesses should know the level of their customer satisfaction. However, it is not easy for a business to assess the customer’s satisfaction. Besides the features of products and services, there are many other factors that can affect customer satisfaction that are not easily captured.

Our solution

By adopting a systematic and customized approach to each business strategy, we provide clients with solutions that thoroughly measure the expectations and level of customer satisfaction, which helps businesses to build a comprehensive customer care process, achieving high efficiency with optimal cost. The process of assessing customer satisfaction consists of three steps:

Step 1: Building the set of indicators measuring customer satisfaction

VietAnalytics develops a set of indicators measuring customer satisfaction based on standard metrics, yet tailored to suit clients’ goods and services.

Step 2: Collecting data

Based on the set of indicators, VietAnalytics collects data on customer satisfaction using survey methods such as home surveys, point-of-sale surveys, online surveys, in-depth interviews, group discussion, observation, secret client and so on.

Step 3: Analysis and reporting

From the collected data, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of customer expectations and satisfaction of products, services and customer care activities. Thereby, both gratified and displeased aspects of the goods/services are revealed from the customers’ points of views.

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